Pedigree charts

I’ve finally got around to making an editable version of our pedigree chart that is used particularly when starting your initial research. If you click on the link below, you should be able to edit and save the PDF file:

4-generation pedigree chart

As always, women are referred to by their maiden names so, if you don’t know a woman’s maiden surname, leave the surname blank.

I’ve added in the Ahnentafel numbers but have made them editable so you can change them if you use a different system, or if you want to use additional charts and start from someone other than ‘person 1’.

Normally, you’d start with yourself at no. 1, your father at no. 2 and mother at no. 3 and so on. Your male ancestors should all have even numbers, while female ancestors all have odd numbers.

I’ve included space for birth, marriage, and death information underneath each person – you can change this to whatever text you wish, or leave it blank.

I hope this works for you – let me know if you have any problems editing or saving the the form, or if you have any suggestions for improving it.

Heritage & Local Studies Librarian


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